Customized Flavored Butter and Cream Cheese

Team up with Butterball® Farms to create delicious, craveworthy solutions for butter or cream cheese. Innovate your custom flavor with us, save on labor while ensuring consistency and customer satisfaction.

Whether you are looking to innovate or improve your flavor profile, Butterball® Farms is interested in speaking with you. 

Butterball® Farms specializes in creating customized, flavored butter and cream cheese products for restaurants, manufacturers, retailers, meal kit companies, and more. With over 60+ years of experience, we have a custom solution for all your food challenges in easy-to-process formats from pre-portioned dollops to bulk packaging and tubs.
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What We Do

he industries we serve are as diverse as our designs and flavor choices. From Restaurants and Hospitality to Consumer Packaged Goods, some of the world’s most successful brands rely on Butterball® Farms to create custom butter flavors and shapes that increase sales and enhance guest experiences.

Let's Make Your Desired Flavor a Reality

Custom flavored butters:

Butter is a little bit magical. It has the potential to make anything better — from Angus beef to asparagus. So we take a special approach to creating custom butter & spreads. We work with you to produce unique flavors that greatly enhance the consumer’s perceived value — without greatly increasing your ingredient cost.  Also, we save you time and labor by providing the butter already mixed and pre-portioned or bulk depending on your processing needs.  Reach out today to realize innovation and efficiencies with your food applications. 

Custom flavored cream cheese spreads:

If you can imagine it, we can create it.  Flavored cream cheese can be used as a delicious spread or a filling that enriches various dishes.  Whether you are looking for a sweet or savory flavor, we'll work with you to enhance your cream cheese with herbs, spices, dried fruit, or other cheeses to create a craveable custom flavor that your customers will love.  With over 60 years of experience working with major brands, we have the capability to bring your concepts to life and to take your cream cheese to the next level.

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Cutting Edge Flavor

We work closely with our customers to make their ideas a reality. Work with us to bring your concepts to life and to take your production to the next level.


Innovative Custom Flavor Solutions

Butters, Sauces, Condiments, Marinades, Dressings, and more! Our team combines the meticulousness of food science with the passion and imagination of the culinary arts to produce products that greatly enhance your value.


Personalized Attention

Our entire team is committed to anticipating and exceeding your expectations from the moment you contact us, create or choose your product, place your order, to when your product delivers. We stay with you through every step of the process and follow up to ensure that you are fully satisfied.

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High Quality Certifications

The pursuit of excellence is one of our guiding principles and informs all aspects of our business. Butterball® Farms is BRC-AA rated, which provides assurance that our products are being produced, prepared, and handled according to the highest standards. We also produce certified Kosher and Halal products. These high standards are part of our commitment to supporting your brand reputation.

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